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2021/09/29 Exhibition

Art Bank Taiwan has entered its 8th year of operation, as the name Open Art Bank indicates, the exhibition highlights the idea of being “open”: it provides a dissection of Art Bank Taiwan, revealing all aspects of its professional service, from brand identity, service process, and quality control. The organization went through a transformation in 2021 and is now run by Taiwan Fine Arts Foundation. Reinvented, it continues its mission and provides service to its supporters.

Lin Hung-Shin, Lin Wei-Cheng, Hung Yun-Ting, Hung Yu-Hao, Yuan Hui-Li, Chang Yu-Chia, Chang Chih-chung, Chang Ting-Tong, Chen Han-Sheng, Hua Chien-Chiang, Dean Huang, Huang Chih-Cheng, Chao Nan-Kai, Mia Liu, Hsiao Pei-I

Exhibition Planning: Tseng chiao-chu, Chung Man-Yun
Space Designer: Su Cheng-Pu
Visual Designer: Lee Hsin-Hung

Venue: Art Bank Taiwan
Address: No.150, Sec. 1, Ziyou Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan
Open Hour: Mon.-Fri. 9:00-17:00

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