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2020/11/26 Exhibition

The world is annoying. That’s why we should always have a good chat…

There are so many whys in life that are often neglected, conceded to, or compromised by most of us because we are too busy. Artists, on the contrary, never stop their quest for answers, working on their art pieces to crack the case of issues and questions they care about—not unlike detectives of life. While the truth may not always be pleasant, artists keep talking with themselves, the society, and the world to find more clues and thus a fuller picture of the truth. We as viewers are also engaged in a conversation, where we clarify how we feel inside or determine what we’re looking for in life through reasoning, deliberating, and chatting with the artists.

At the Life Talking Bar, twenty pieces by six artists and one designer dealing with seven issues are exhibited in three zones. In Zone One, you’ll find works by designer Chen Tzu-Yu and artists Chen Po-I and Liu Yun-Yi addressing the special links and relationships between people and their living spaces. Zone Two is where artists Tu Pei-Shih and Yeh Tsai-Wei discuss, in their art pieces, whether people’s self is true to their external and inner world. Zone Three features Feng Wei-Jung’s and TU Wei-Cheng’s works that embody their care and discussion about living environments and contemporary phenomena from a third perspective. The exhibition starts with the most immediate material life and proceeds to dialogues between self and society before entering the realm of spiritual beliefs and the unknown. You are invited to this Life Talking Bar to talk about yourself, the society, the world, and the universe.

It is hoped that you can find issues of your interest and that by looking at the art pieces, you can find different viewpoints and ways of dealing with problems. You get energized and inspired or, for a short while, relieve your stress and anxiety. You’ll always discover something—a neglected clue to a problem in your life or a prompt to sort out your entangled thoughts— as you watch the artists’ detailed observation of life and engage yourself in the process of raising questions and having a conversation even though answers and truth won’t be fully found out.

At this Life Talking Bar, detectives of life tell stories about themselves and/or others.
The world is annoying so listen to the stories and have a nice chat.

Artists: Tu Pei-Shih, Tu Wei-Cheng, Chen Po-I, Feng Wei-Jung, Yeh Tsai-Wei, Liu Yun-Yi
Special Appearance/ Co-Branded with Chen Tzu-Yu of jainjain
Exhibition planning:ARTBANK TAIWAN/Tseng Chiao-Chu,Liu Yi-Ling,Chung Man-Yun
Implementer:Harvest Ideation

Opening Hours :2020.12.01-2021.02.26 Mon.-Fri. 9:00-17:00
Venue: ART BANK TAIWAN(No.150, Sec. 1, Ziyou Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan)

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