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Landscape of the Light -4
NO. 20190007
Mixed Media
Year 2017
Max Size
103 x 206 x 4 cm
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Landscape of the Light-4, the work of CHANG Tse-Hsuan is a landscape of subconscious, sensation and emotional expression. This piece is painted in oil and acrylic; it reveals the complexity in self-denotation and memory silhouettes; the purple core is bound by white edge, followed by the inconstant yellow stroke and surrounded by the scattered cloud. CHANG Tse-Hsuan illustrates the fragments and continuity of colors in implying the body and other fainting, trivial events in the conscious; he constructs the narration and compensation of fading images by revealing the id and revisiting the memory, to re-examine the trajectory of emotional experiences.