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Travellers among Hills in Midsummer
Vinci Weng
NO. 20140379
Year 2012
Max Size
223 x 115 x 6 cm
Artwork Appreciation
Vinci WENG is skilled in photo-editing to create powerful visual collages. Travellers among Hills in Midsummer is an artwork that mimics the composition of traditional Chinese ink painting with its multiple perspectives and art concepts. This vertical artwork narrates a series of images in a story-telling manner. One can observe the mosaic assembled by the artist with crowds of people and animals frolicking upon rolling hills and plains. The sizes of the people and sceneries also gradually decrease with distance, while a light smoky wisp hangs silently over the entire work. Vinci WENG has created an ultra-realistic daily scene and a visual language that is extremely representative of Taiwan’s local culture.