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Beyond the Mountains – The Cracks of Thoughts
CHOU Tai-Chun
NO. 20180027
Year 2017
Max Size
124.5 x 165.7 x 6 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
CHOU Tai-Chun’s work, Beyond the Mountains –– The Crack of Thoughts, is a work in the Beyond the Mountains series that focuses on the human environment. He takes the image of the mountain as the main body and creates a non-real virtual scene. It seems that there are different dimensions of time and space existing at the same time. The crust of the mountain is cracked. Inside the earth is a complicated neural pipeline. A few sharp bamboo branches are stuck toward the center of the earth. The mountains behind are connected to the stretch of the coast. The needle and fabric coming from the sky are planted upright on the ground. CHOU Tai-Chun’s uses this imaginary scene with rich meanings to express the overbearing environment on humans and the emotional venting after personification. He believes that if there is an endless destruction, it is only normal that nature attacks back.