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Case Study
Meet Taiwan Contemporary Art at Twin Oaks

A place of history and poetry, Twin Oaks Estate plays a crucial role in US-Taiwan diplomatic relations. The 130-year-old architectural space speaks of elegance and tranquility and has a unique, irreplaceable historical and cultural significance as it has witnessed important events in the diplomatic history and cultural exchanges between the two countries. This explains the rich and priceless collection of paintings and other antiques, which relates to the sense of history in the space.

Unprecedentedly, an exhibition of contemporary Taiwanese art is being held at Twin Oaks jointly by the Taiwan Academy of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the U.S. and Art Bank Taiwan. The exhibition titled, Meet Taiwan Contemporary Art at Twin Oaks, is a dialogue between the estate and Taiwanese cultures presented in contemporary visual arts—between the history and the contemporary, the classical and the avant-garde, and between elegance and conflict—creating room for diverse interpretations and perceptions within the venue.

The art pieces by five artists offer a glimpse of Taiwanese contemporary art landscape and the artists’ social concerns. The visual conflicts combined with stimuli from a different culture translate into an unusual experience for exhibition viewers. It is hoped that the dialogue among contemporary art, a historical building, and an audience from diverse backgrounds could inspire another way of seeing and a different cultural experience.

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